My Review of NRS Purest Mesh D...

Feb 26, 2014 by

Originally submitted at NRS A tough, heavy-duty duffel for the pure enthusiast! The NRS Purest Duffel Bag will endure years of...

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Dec 16, 2013 by

As 2013 comes to an end, Rob, Dan and I close the chapter on our first year of whitewater adventures. We’ve paddled rapids...

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Lord of the Fork

Oct 28, 2013 by

John’s footage from Lord of the Fork Race on Russell Fork, gorge section. He and Dan and another paddler hiked 45 minutes down...

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Oct 14, 2013 by

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So What’s In a Name?

Sep 17, 2013 by

So how does one choose a good river nickname for a paddler? Should it be something inspired by an event on the river? By an example...

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Demonstrating the T Rescue

Sep 4, 2013 by

This is a good example of KRR demonstrating the T-Rescue as taught by Kevin from Ace Kayaking School. See Dan fail in his roll attempt...

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ACE Kayaking School

Aug 24, 2013 by

Somewhere in the middle of the Ocoee, in an eddy right before Cat’s Pajamas, I gave up. I literally said ‘this shit...

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Whitewater Kayaking Gym Workou...

Jul 31, 2013 by

In a few weeks, Rob, Dan and I are heading down to Ace Kayaking School for a two-day instruction. Ace has a great reputation for...

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