Spring – Where Are You?

Mar 21, 2014 by

Ah Winter… how your icy grip has yet to slip loose. But Spring is coming!


Check out the ice crystals when you click for larger image.

We have had a very busy winter season, some paddling, some training, and preparing for our 2014 paddling trips. John has continued to upgrade his skills and is becoming a very proficient and knowledgeable paddler. He attended several pool sessions with the Viking Canoe Club  and is now rolling with hand paddles. Awesome! And he has continually paddled during this bitterly cold winter and may earn a new nickname, Ice Man. Possibly Ice for short. Or maybe “Crazy Person who paddles in the dead of Winter”… in addition, John changed his ride this off season by purchasing a Pyranha Burn. It seems a good fit and he has had very little difficulty adjusting to the differences between the Burn and the Stomper. John is leading a trip in May, paddling down the Cumberland River below the Falls. It is a very beautiful location with some sweet rapids and a great place to refine your skills. Contact us if you are interested in joining John for the trip.



Dan catching an eddy line. Click to view larger image

Dan has paddled several times as well and participated in his first kayak race on Elkhorn Creek, finishing a very respectable 3rd. And yes, there were more than three paddlers! (I asked that question too) He also attended pool sessions and has refined his roll as well. Dan took advantage of some Winter Clearance and upgraded his cold weather paddling gear and now owns some really great equipment. Look for some gear reviews in the future as we all continue to invest into equipment. Both John and Dan spent the winter catching some eddies, surfing, and working on their respective combat rolls.

The good news for me is that my rotator cup injury is about 90% healed which means that I too can join in the fun. It has not been enjoyable to watch my paddling partners increase their skills and paddle without me, but time does heal. This has taught me to use  correct stroke techniques and that strength and conditioning are essential.

We hope to see you on the river, paddle in peace.


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